The Muscleforce Story

Muscleforce Productions was founded in 1997 by Scott Douglas. He is a  guy who loved flexing and muscle-worship videos but felt there were very few available either in the bodybuilding video world or the porn world that “did it” for him. He set out to create a small video production company that focused on flexing (especially biceps) and muscle-talk. There was also a new thing called “The Internet” which allowed him to reach a broader audience. Over the first few years a small, but very dedicated following grew out of that love for flexing. Muscleforce even had some low-tech live flexing/chat shows long before live streaming was common. By 2008 there was a shift in the “porn industry” (a term not really liked by Scott, who felt his love for for flexing and muscle fell into some other category) and it became extremely difficult for small companies to stay afloat. Those of you who were online back then may remember many of your favorite websites going offline. Scott finally had to make the difficult decision to shut Muscleforce’s doors with the hope that someday it would return. Fast-forward to 2022. Scott was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug once again and pondered how to bring Muscleforce back to its original audience as well as new muscle admirers. So after a lot of planning and hard work, Muscleforce is back online! At the moment, we have about 1/2 of the library back online. Remember, back in the late 90s most porn and muscle videos were not yet produced in high-definition. So all of our material from that time period is standard-definition. I will continue to re-master the original tapes and bring them back online. Additionally, I really hope to start production again in 2023 and bring to you new muscle guys in high-definition!

If you have any questions, requests or comments, please send me a message via the contact form of this site. I’d be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Scott Douglas