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  • 30:26

    Eric Stuart

    A professional dancer/stripper from the great Northwest, Eric shows us how he can warm up those cold northern nights. Blonde, buffed and tan, Eric pumps up, flexes, and strips…treating us to his hot, hard body.

    .. More

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  • 42:41

    Rob Steele – Show #2

    Here is the footage from a second live webcam show that Rob did for us in 2002. His physique is leaner and more refined than his previous appearance.
    He does great bicep, chest and back posing! .. More

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  • 39:02

    Virtual Muscle Worship #1 – Rick Rock

    27 y/o, 5’9″, masculine and 195 lbs. of thick, solid muscle, Rick was our first LIVE model featured in our MEMBER’S section. Rick pumped up, oiled up and flexed for a very appreciative audience! He took .. More

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  • 29:26

    Worship Me

    Want a one-on-one fantasy with our new discovery, hot muscle-daddy and competitive bodybuilder, Brick Haus? Well, here’s your chance! It’s just you and him, alone with a weight bench and dumbbells. You are there to do .. More

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  • 58:39

    The Pool Guy

    Hot Ukrainian model, Vlad, flexes, poses and strokes in our biggest and best muscle-fantasy yet…”The Pool Guy”. Vlad is filling in for your regular pool guy in this one-on-one muscle fantasy between Vlad and YOU! What .. More

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  • 01:04:25

    Steve Shannon

    Can you believe the body on this guy? Steve is 25, blonde and has the complete package…muscles, good looks, and a big dick! Steve does some hard pumping with the weights to get his muscles full .. More

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  • 53:14

    Bruce Hill

    If you like rugged looks, thick muscles and hot muscle-talk, then Bruce is your man! Bruce puts on a hot and sweaty show! He pumps up with the weights until he’s covered in sweat and his .. More

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  • 01:15:19


    Fil is a 20-year old competitive powerlifter from New York. Fil demonstrates and explains numerous upper body exercises. He really works up a sweat as he works out. He likes to push out 2 or 3 .. More

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  • Bernie40:03


    Bernie is a masculine, likable, guy-down-the-street type guy. A college student, he leads a busy life that includes friends, family, women and, obviously,
    the gym. We are fortunate to have been able to spend an afternoon .. More

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  • Mark Mason30:43

    Mark Mason

    This foul-mouthed 34 year-old stud puts on a hard-edged show! He pumps and flexes his incredibly hard, defined body with arrogance and aggressiveness. He talks almost non-stop about his body and how much he knows you .. More

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  • Robert53:36

    Robert Cannon

    This incredibly hot 31 year-old man puts on a fantastic show! He pumps, flexes and poses with power and confidence. He talks directly to you about the size and power of his incredibly thickly-muscled body. He .. More

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  • Jordan34:35

    Jordan Scott

    Jordan is one young man who is lacking in neither muscle nor confidence. He pumps up and flexes harder than any other Muscleforce guy. He talks up a storm during his workout and posing session. His .. More

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  • Joey46:17

    Joey Sweats

    Smokin’ hot 23 year-old Joey is a natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, personal trainer and fitness model from New York. He pumps up and flexes intensely for you! He keeps on going and going! You can see the .. More

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  • Chad32:13

    Chad Conners

    This mega-beefy 23-year-old blonde boy knows what you want to see and hear! Lots of nasty talk and hard flexing. Huge legs and beefy butt.He flexes and strokes to a hot climax. A must for lovers .. More

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  • Rip47:35

    Rip Stone

    You may have seen Rip in videos before, but you’ve never seen him flex and show off his hot body like this! This former bodybuilding competitor pumps, flexes and poses with style and sensuality. Great legs .. More

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  • Ray45:04

    Collegiate Muscle

    Tony stops by Travis’s dorm room to go to a study session with his roommate. Tony can’t keep his eyes off of Travis’s thick body as he pumps up for a date with his girlfriend. Travis .. More

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  • Locker Room Flex32:46

    Locker Room Flex

    Starring Brick Haus and James West

    Our new discovery, hot muscle-daddy and competitive bodybuilder, Brick Haus, makes his video debut in “Locker Room Flex”!

    Brick has just finished a late-night workout and comes in to the .. More

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