Robert Cannon

This incredibly hot 31 year-old man puts on a fantastic show! He pumps, flexes and poses with power and confidence. He talks directly to you about the size and power of his incredibly thickly-muscled body. He wants you to enjoy his body, but teases you just enough to keep you on the edge. His biceps and pecs are truly amazing! He pumps, flexes and poses and ends with some hot stroking action. This video is for those who particularly like very masculine men with big arms and pecs.

  • Nudity, flexing, posing and stroking.
  • 48 minutes.
  • Date of Production: 1997

  • File Info:
    Media Type: MP4 (downloadable)
    Resolution: Standard-def (654x486)
    File size: 1.4 GB

    Quality: Note that this video is a file export created from the original master tape. It has some color degradation due to the age of the original tape. Before purchasing a membership, please download the trailer or watch full screen for a better representation of how the file looks when played on your system.

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