Virtual Muscle Worship #1 – Rick Rock

27 y/o, 5'9", masculine and 195 lbs. of thick, solid muscle, Rick was our first LIVE model featured in our MEMBER'S section. Rick pumped up, oiled up and flexed for a very appreciative audience! He took requests and gave the virtual worshippers what they craved. Great bicep poses and thick legs and butt, too! The tape features the footage from the LIVE web cast as it was recorded...with onset voice directions and online requests forwarded to Rick. The tape concludes with a hot j/o scene not seen online!

  • Workout, flexing, posing, and j/o.
  • 39 minutes.
  • Date of Production: 1999

  • File Info:
    Media Type: MP4 (downloadable)
    Resolution: Standard-def (654x486)
    File size: 1 GB

    Quality: Note that this video is a file export created from the original master tape. It has some color degradation due to the age of the original tape.

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